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Bringing 40 years of experience to your piano


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John Tonyan

Registered Piano Technician

Touchweight & Action Designer

Piano Rebuilder

Tuning, Voicing, Regulation, Touchweight


The foundation of service

Tuning stands as the very beginning of a well-serviced piano


Shaping the tone of your instrument

Many people ask

Can my piano tone…

be more consistent, across notes & sections?

sound more warm, round, rich?

be brighter and more clear?

allow me to play softer… or louder?

sustain longer?

The answer to each of these is almost always, YES.

Using a variety of techniques, I’m able to transform a piano’s tone in a relatively short amount of time.


The Piano Action

Hundreds of moving parts

Dozens of adjustments per key

When properly adjusted, this complex mechanism all but disappears, giving a pianist the greatest consistency and control over all dynamic ranges.


I balance hammer weights, key weights and friction to create the perfect resistance, customized for your piano and your touch, with absolute consistency from note to note.

This refined work is beyond the scope of nearly all piano manufacturers.

Improving piano performance is one of my life’s joys.

Whether beginner or artist,

I look forward to sharing that joy with you.

Rachel MannRachel Mann
20:30 11 Apr 22
John had a last-minute opening and came to work on my spinet piano, which hadn’t had any proper work or tuning for MANY years.I appreciated how he asked what was important to me for my piano and what my budget was, and he worked to get the best sound and response from my piano in the time he had. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about getting a piano to be the best it can be.My piano has never sounded or felt better and I am looking forward to our next appointment. As a piano instructor and musician I am happy to have an instrument that sounds and feels good for my students and myself.I HIGHLY recommend Tonyan Piano Service.
connie johnsonconnie johnson
18:03 04 Mar 22
Friends who are musicians, pleased by John's expertise, recommended him when I mentioned my old piano needed some work. So glad they did and it is easy to see why! The mechanics; sticking keys, non working pedals, etc; were fixed but after John's work the sound and tone of the piano was so much better, too.
Mom DornbachMom Dornbach
23:27 03 Mar 22
I had the privilege of having John Tonyan work on my piano and I do believe it was a privilege. John taught me so much about the workings of my piano. It was fascinating and educational. And after a few hours of work the piano sounded like a completely different instrument. He explained what he was doing and why. It feels so much better to play, not to mention how much better it sounds. My husband came in after John had worked on it for a bit and was amazed at the difference in sound quality. I never knew my piano had so much potential.Finding someone with this level of talent, knowledge and compassion is rare. Worth every penny and more. I feel very fortunate to have had John work on my piano.
attila,tibor Gibsonattila,tibor Gibson
00:47 07 Feb 22
I have played Carnegie hall and the Grand Ol Opry with my own music, and this man in one afternoon turned my piano into something that gave me Goosebumps!! he's the real deal!! Straight up worth every penny!!!Attila Gibson THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER!!!
justin brownjustin brown
01:59 07 Jan 22
John is infectiously good at his craft. It's clear when he explains his detailed work that he is a genius at what he does. You may end up spending more than you were expecting but the work he recommends will be exactly what your piano needs. My daughter is a gifted pianist and she tells me ours plays better than her performance pianos after a day and a half or work. I've got nothing bad to say. If you need piano work, don't waste your time and money on anyone else.
Annie LeañosAnnie Leaños
01:32 22 Dec 21
John Tonyan takes the time to explain what’s happening with the piano and he does a really good job with tuning. He’s one of those people who really enjoy what they do. Honestly, I’m really grateful that I chose him to tune my piano.
Traci LinstromTraci Linstrom
22:36 12 Dec 21
"John Tonyan is one of those rare craftsmen whose passion for this grand instrument enables him to extract from even the most meager instrument, a quality of sound that exceeds the owner's expectation. After contemplation of his work through the years, it has convinced me that artistry is not confined to the performer."
Brynn VanwykeBrynn Vanwyke
20:40 12 Dec 21
A true miracle worker who keenly knows his trade. A pleasure to talk with and watch work! Call plenty of time in advance to wait for a callback to book.
20:36 28 Oct 21
John was kind enough to drive all the way to a very remote place, where I was not expecting to find a proper piano technician. He voiced my very sharp piano, loosened the squeaky pedal and when he was done, I could not believe it was the same piano I played a few hours ago. The touch improved marvelously, and none of the notes make my ears bleed anymore. I booked another half-day session with him! I highly recommend him if you are looking for a knowledgable, honest and passionate piano technician who will not just tune, but elevate your piano to new levels.
Jacqueline BeckoffJacqueline Beckoff
01:07 26 Sep 21
I've been playing the piano for twenty years, and John is by far the best piano technician that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Calling him a piano tuner does him a disservice because he knows how to adjust everything inside the piano to achieve the most beautiful sound possible.Not only that, he is genuinely a wonderful person to speak with. You can't go wrong with him!
Deborah ErftenbeckDeborah Erftenbeck
23:09 05 Oct 19
John Tonyan is a most talented and knowledgeable technician. As former State President of MTAC, I have dealt with many technicians and John is one of the best. I am thrilled with the work he has done on my 7' Baldwin. Living in the High Desert, to find a technician with his awesome capabilities, I am truly blessed.